Fox V2 (medium) template

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Complete template for the Fox V2 size medium. This is a template that has been made for use with a thick, MX vinyl and laminate. It covers most of the helmets and there are no overlaps. The fit is perfect for a medium size shell, but keep in mind that other sizes might use a larger or smaller shell and that the fitment will be different.

Most parts are lined up, but keep it safe with text and small details.

This template categorizes as a easy/medium install and can be applied by the customer with nearly always a good result.

Using this template on a different size shell is not recommended and NOT tested. The images taken are from the first testfit and have been improved upon. Some gaps are now a bit tighter and parts that aren't covered on the images have been covered in the final version. 

An updated file can be freely downloaded again. You will be notified by e-mail if there is an updated template available.

The file is 100% scaled to real-world sizes and can be downloaded as an .EPS file.

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Fox V2 (medium) template

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