Honda - Matrix - pre-made design

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This is a Pre-Made design. This download includes the original .AI and .EPS editable vector file of this design, ready-to-go on our own template. It also includes 4 high resolution rendered product images of this design without our watermark on it and the original to real-world scale template without the design on it. 

Note: Handguard template/design not included (only on the images). 

When you purchase this design, you can use all the files for yourself and/or your company. You are allowed to promote this design and the images as your own. You are allowed to put these on your website, social media etc. & use them to create graphics for. You are also allowed to use/change all the design elements of this design and use them for your own designs. 

It is not allowed to sell or distribute the files. 

Note: It is not allowed to put these files up for download.

Note: If you have not purchased this design, you are not allowed to use it, sell it or do any kind of promotional activities with it.

Note: This file does NOT include a 3D model of the bike, only the vector file with the design, templates and promotional images (.PNG's)

Note: The images on the website contain a watermark. Once downloaded, the watermark will be gone and the images have a higher resolution.

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Honda - Matrix - pre-made design

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